Blitzscaling the World... Global Strategy for Rolling Out the ZEUS Motor™

February 8, 2017, Wheat Ridge, Colorado—Tom Hopkins, the CEO and CTO of Zero E Technologies, the developer and manufacturer of the ZEUS Motor™ that has important advantages over conventional motors--more efficient, smaller, more robust, and potentially less expensive--has announced plans to "blitzscale" the introduction of its motor worldwide.  Blitzscaling is the rapid, global introduction of a new and innovative product that can completely disrupt the market.  Its goal is to build market share quickly.

The worldwide market for motors is enormous; 46% of all electricity generated worldwide is used to power electric motors.  The current market for mid-sized motors (1 to 500 HP)--Zero E's target market--is 40 million units/year, a $150 billion market.  Zero E is currently rolling out its 10 to 30 HP motors.  The market is projected to grow rapidly as developing countries industrialize, and as high efficiency motors take over.  Zero E's ZEUS Motor™ may be the most efficient general purpose motor ever developed--it has the potential to capture a significant market share.

Tom Hopkins explained how Zero E is going to blitzscale the world motor market: "We are setting up locally incorporated companies in major countries, e.g., India, and in trading blocks such as the EU, the ASEAN countries, and the GCC.  The idea is to get behind national and free trade group borders and circumvent the nationalism and protectionism that is raising its ugly head in some parts of the world.  We plan to endow these local companies with valuable marketing and manufacturing rights to the ZEUS Motor™.   We'll sell off 50.1% of these companies to local investors so the local company is majority owned and controlled by local interests.”

Tom Hopkins went on to explain Zero E's two-for-the price-of-one strategy: "Our response to global warming is to create opportunities that will reward investors handsomely, whether or not they are into green investments. All of the private sector wants lucrative investments and that is what we have focussed on offering.  With developing countries seeking growth, and with high efficiency motors being an attractive path to sustainable development, we expect our investors to do very well.  Do well while doing good... that's our key!”

About Zero E Technologies

Zero E Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures highly efficient permanent magnet motors, known as the ZEUS Motor™ using a platform that is readily adapted to a range of power outputs. The Company seeks more efficient power use, i.e., less energy wastage, to help developing nations grow sustainably.  

The ZEUS Motor™ is in the process of being commercialized. According to an IEA study, the market opportunity where Zero E will compete is enormous with 40 million new, medium-sized motors (1 to 500 HP) procured each year, representing a $150 billion market.  Zero E's immediate market is the 7 million 10 to 30 HP motors procured each year that Zero E is already introducing to the market.

The ZEUS Motor™ offers very high efficiency, small size, robustness, and is potentially less expensive to manufacture than conventional motors. Moreover, it is potentially disruptive of major markets. Zero E is currently targeting OEMs that use motors in their products (fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors, etc.) and that account for 60% of new motor sales.  Zero E aims to “blitzscale” by going international with local partners serving other countries and regions. For more information, please visit

Tom Hopkins, CEO
Zero E Technologies
Phone: 970.390.6607