Zero E Technologies, INC is a Delaware C-Corp, organized on November 1, 2018. Its predecessor company was Zero E Technologies, LLC.

Zero E has made great progress and we are now beginning commercialization.  Our motor is truly disruptive of an enormous market that is about to see revitalization and growth, and we are using a disruptive channel - Amazon and its fulfillment services.



We are moving quickly to commercialize our industrial motors.  We are introducing first our Frame 225 Permanent Magnet Motors running at 1800 and putting out 15 HP at 460V.  Then we’ll introduce the 10, 20, & 25 HP models, all using Frame 225.

We decided to focus first on these smaller motors as we have a profound advantage over conventional motors in these power outputs - we are 4% higher in efficiency than the Premium/IE3 motor, and we are already above the proposed Ultra Premium/IE5 standard.  And our motor is much more power dense… so much so that we can distribute worldwide using Amazon’s fulfilment services as each one of these motors weighs less than 150lbs (and that includes packaging) which is necessary to use Amazon's Prime service.  No other general purpose motor is light enough to use this service.  Amazon gives us immediate credibility because of their generous returns policy.