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Zero E Technologies, LLC

with ZEUS Motor TM & ZEUS Generator TM

Heavy-Duty, High-Performance Motors, Generators & Drives

The Company.

Zero E Technologies, LLC. is focused on the development and commercialization of high-performance electric motors (ZEUS MotorTM) for:

  • industrial and commercial uses (10-800 HP for pumps, fans, conveyors, production machines, elevators, etc.),
  • heavy vehicles (buses, trash trucks, tractor-trailers) that require industrial-grade, light weight 300-800HP motors, and
  • standby and disaster recovery generators and power plants (90 kVA up to 2.1 MVA).

Zero E is introducing its motor to several specialty markets in the US, is planning on exporting motors to ASEAN countries, and intends to license its motor for manufacture by major manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers to the automotive industry. Motors will be available for evaluation in late 2015.


Zero E's Electric Motor/Generator.

The ZEUS MotorTM is a permanent magnet machine that can be used as a permanent magnet AC motor (ACPM), or as a brushless DC (BLDC) motor. It delivers high continuous power output for use in industrial applications and heavy duty mobile applications that require an industrial-grade motor . It has a number of notable attributes:

  • It has a very high Peak Power/Weight Ratio at 1.27 and up to 1.39 HP/ lb (2.08 to 2.28 kW/kg), much higher than conventional motors.
  • It is very efficient at over 96%, more efficient than NEMA Premium motors in all power ranges. It is more than 90% efficient over a wide range of speeds and loads (85% of the area under the torque/speed curve)
  • It has a flat torque curve over the full speed range up to base speed 4800 RPM, allowing rapid acceleration when a vehicle is already going fast.
  • It can be over-amped and used with a torque converter to give very high torque at low speeds.
  • The motor is of robust design, allowing it to operate for up to 60,000 hours in industrial applications (seven years of 24/7 run time).
  • It has many features that result in low cost of manufacture.
  • It has a very small interior cavity, lending itself to use as an explosion proof (XP) motor
  • The 100 HP ZEUS MotorTM is being used as the platform to quickly develop a whole line of motors that operate at different voltages, speeds, and power ratings, from 200 to 1,000 HP.

The ZEUS MotorTM can be configured to run at low speed/high torque, high speed/low torque, or anything in between. It is offered with liquid or air cooling (TEFC).

Zero E offers 48, 400, and 750 VDC controllers, and 240 and 480 VAC variable frequency drives so the motors can be used in a wide range of applications.


Evaluation & Characterization of the ZEUS MotorTM.

Zero E engaged an engineering company with a global practice in evaluating motors and whose clients include auto OEMs and major motor manufacturers, to evaluate and characterize its motor. The principal investigator concluded about the ZEUS MotorTM:

"This is an almost unheard of improvement in the world of electric machines."

"It certainly ranks among the very top tier of the 700+ motors we have analyzed or designed over the past eight years."

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Commercialization & Zero E's Markets.

Zero E's focus has changed from developing its motor to its commercialization. The ZEUS MotorTM has been described as a "disruptive technology" as it has the potential to displace large, heavy, conventional induction motors from the industrial and commercial markets and replace them with small, light-weight, PM motors. The competitive advantages of the ZEUS Motor TM are pronounced.

For heavy vehicles, the ZEUS MotorTM offers 300 to 800 HP industrial-grade motors with unmatched continuous power density and a 60,000 hour operating life.

Welcome to the coming era: big power delivered by light-weight, efficient PM motors!

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