We make the world’s:

  • most efficient motors and generators.

  • first Ocean Heat Pumps.


Motors were once seen as "old economy," but modern high-efficiency motors are suddenly seen as part of a new era—an era of sustainability and technology addressing global warming. Zero E's motors beckon the future with a revolutionary combination of very high efficiency, compact size, robustness, and easy customization.

It is environmental madness to burn hydrocarbons when we are being slow-cooked by all the heat in the oceans resulting from global warming. Zero E’s Ocean Heat Pump turns this heat into an energy asset - every country with an ocean shore now has massive reserves of energy and can achieve energy independence.



Find out more about the revolutionary performance and the applications for our line of ZEUS Motors ™ .

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Ocean heat pumps

Explore how ocean heat can be used as a massive “new” energy resource for every country with an ocean shoreline.

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Learn about us and our strategy to go to market, and find out how you can invest to become part of the movement.

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