Over the last 7 years, Zero E has designed a break-through permanent magnet motor. The ZEUS Motor™ is significantly more efficient and smaller than conventional induction motors.


Our Breakthrough

The ZEUS Motor ™ shows unprecedented efficiency through a range of power outputs in large part due to our novel cooling systems and configuration. These systems are so effective, our motors up to 25hp do not even need a fan — they are TENVs (Totally Enclosed, Non-Ventilated). And motors up to 200hp do not need water cooling... they are all TEFCs (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled). Simpler, smaller, and more robust. The unique engineering of this motor has led to a product that is only 33% of the typical weight and 25% of the typical volume of induction motors of comparable power output.

At the outset, we want to acknowledge that this has evolved to be quite an unusual motor... AMT has evaluated hundreds of motors, and this motor is in the highest tier of top performers based on a number of figures of merit. It could readily be categorized as Break-Through Technology, State-of-the-Art, or Leading Edge.
— Dr. Keith Klontz, Advanced Motor Tech, LLC

What We've Achieved

The ZEUS Motor (TM) has significant advantages:

The ZEUS Motor is very efficient.  We had Advanced Energy (AE), an independent certified motor test lab in Raleigh NC, test our 15 HP motor running without a VFD and it measured 96.4% at full speed and load which is 4% higher than the efficiency of a NEMA Premium (R) induction motor's 92.4%

We measured our motor running at full speed and load with a VFD and it measured 95.5% efficient which is 4.3% higher than the same NEMA Premium induction motor running at full speed and load with a VFD.  

Our motor is efficient over a whole range of partial speeds/loads so we had Advanced Energy test it at 16 different speed/load points (1800, 1200, 900 & 250 RPM, and 100%, 75%, 50%, & 25% load).  With this data they were able to generate an efficiency map.  All but one of the test points showed efficiency at over 90%.  Then Advanced Energy did the same tests with the Premium/IE3 induction motor.  Comparing the two showed that our motor is up to 18% more efficient.  Below are the efficiency maps for our motor and the induction motor. 

The ZEUS Motor is very small.  Its volume is just 26.3% of the volume of a 15 HP conventional motor, and it weighs 120 lbs which is 34% of the conventional motor's weight.  This has been described as our motor’s most surprising feature - usually motors are made more efficient by making them bigger and heavier.  We did the opposite.  The small size makes it suitable for being built into tight, cramped spaces (like inside machines), and makes it easy to move about on skids, out to wellheads, etc.

The ZEUS Motor is very robust.  We have designed in features to prevent all the usual things that damage a motor: the magnets are not close to being demagnetized by getting too hot or being subject to a high current in the coils, and the electromagnets are entirely potted and so do not suffer contamination, and they run very cool thus protecting the insulation. The bearings are always the weak link, but we have designed the motor so these can be changed readily.

The ZEUS Motor is easy to customize.  The motor is modular in design and so is easy to customize for equipment manufacturers that want to build a motor into their machines.  

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