Here's a sampling of the uses for ZEUS SmartMotors:


General Purpose Motors

The TEFC motor can be used in any number of applications.  The Frame 225 motors are available in 10, 15, 20, & 25 HP outputs.  All motors come with a standard C-face mounting for NEMA 180, 210, or 250 series frames and can be provided with a foot-mount bracket to match any NEMA frame’s dimensions.

Zero E will be introducing additional series of motors:

*Frame 450 general purpose motors for 30, 40, & 50 HP outputs.

*Frame 900 general purpose motors for 60, 75, & 100 HP outputs.

*Frame 1800 general purpose motors for 125, 150, 175, & 200 HP outputs.



Pump, fan, blower, and compressor manufacturers whose products run continuously or at varying speeds and loads for long periods will appreciate the unmatched high efficiency of the ZEUS Motor (up to 4% more efficient than a Premium/IE3 motor, and higher than the proposed Ultra Premium/IE5 efficiency standard) so that their customers will save on electric power costs.  Motors are available in 1 through 25 HP outputs.


Flood-Proof Motors

Commercial properties with equipment in flood-prone basements will benefit from the flood-proof, water-cooled motors whose VFD and heat exchanger (radiator) can be located on a higher floor above any flood waters.



Customized Motors

Manufacturers of industrial equipment and systems (OEMs) will value Zero E’s ability to customize the ZEUS Motor to operate at an exactly defined speed, to fit into tight spaces (the motor is small), provide custom mounting arrangements, or provide a water-cooled version where there is inadequate airflow for the TEFC version of the motor.



Conveyors & Baggage Handling

Producers and users of conveyor, filling line, and baggage handling systems will benefit from the bolt-on planetary gearboxes that will be available for the ZEUS 1 through 50 HP outputs and that offer 12:1, 9:1, 6:1, and 3:1 reductions.  The planetary gearbox is ideal for drives used in sanitary and wash-down applications.  The customer can chose what brand VFD it wishes to use to control the ZEUS motor.